Auckland Blue too strong in round one of northern league

Auckland  Blue showed its superiority with an unbeaten run in round one of the Northern League in Tauranga. The team gained maximum points across five matches, with several of its Roller Blacks in good form at the start of the series.

Results: Auckland Blue 35 Northland/Bay of Plenty 14; Auckland White 46 Waikato Development 16; Auckland Blue 37 Auckland White 24; Midwest 42 Northland 8; Midwest 47 Northland Bay of Plenty 31; Waikato Development 30 Northland 26; Mid West 34 Auckland White 33; Auckland Blue 56 Waikato Development 14; Northland/Bay of Plenty 39 Northland Development 30.

Northland/Bay of Plenty 38 Waikato Development 10;  Auckland White 26 Northland Development 16; Mid West 39 Waikato Development 12; Auckland Blue 48 Northland Development 12; Northland/Bay of Plenty 29 Auckland White 28; Auckland 39 Mid West 25.

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